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You should read and understand the Place Value and Fractions books first.

This book explains Factoring of numbers. Factoring is fun and kids love it. They gain “power” over the numbers. It is a critical book before Fractions, because many exercises with fractions require the ability to factor.  

From the basic concept of Fractions and what they are, to doing the most complicated operations with fractions.

This math book teaches Integers, a topic that is completely neglected in school 

Percents are easy. If you learn them the right way. If you understand Fractions and Decimal Fractions

The system by which we name numbers is one of the least understood topics.

Do you have a problem with operations?
Do you have a problem with Algebra?
Do you have a problem with Calculus?

Often it is because they don't understand the Decimal Place Value System!
Place Value cover

The concepts of numbers, and how they work, can be tricky. The Decimal Place Value System is not a trivial one! It took mathematicians many centuries to get it right, especially because the concept of Zero had to be understood well before the system could work well.

This book explains ALL of it in a simple VERY EASY way.

After less than an hour a 6 years old could name or write if told numbers in the Quadrillions

(How many know it is a number with 19-21 digits?).

Each lesson has charts to illustrate the ideas and is followed by a worksheet.

And of course, Money Back Guarantee!


Everything taught about Word Problems is Wrong!!!
I'll stake my money on it!!!


Daniella F.
I have seven girls and my oldest is still struggling in math. I am determined not to go thru this painful experience with the others! Thank u. She … read more
Jinnie D.
I don't like math and homeschooling my kids on math was a big issue for me, but they don't need me to help them. Actually, I'm learning a lot also, … read more
It's the first time I don't have to tell my kids to do their math. They even asked me if they can do it over other things.

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