From the basic concept of Fractions and what they are, to doing the most complicated operations with fractions.

100 Pages - 240 Problems

It only takes about 10 - 20 Hours!!!
(Including the practice questions)

Q: How can it take 10 - 20 hours of your time to completely master a topic that is studied repeatedly every year starting with 3rd grade?

The reason is that Fractions are SIMPLE! But only if taught the right way, based on the principles I outline in the Teaching Philosophy section of the book.

Q: But I don’t need to know everything, I only want to know what the teacher teaches in class.

The answer is that it is easier to study all of it than some parts.

Q: How so? That doesn’t make sense.

The first reason is that in school, they teach you, for example, addition of fractions before they teach you multiplication. But to know addition you need to know multiplication! And it is not your teacher’s fault; it is what teachers are told to teach.

The second reason is that you don’t get “cold”. The previous sections are fresh in your mind when you start a section and that makes it easier to learn. It is like playing after a warm up vs. starting to play without one.

Q: Ok, so I will learn it all in 10-20 hours but next year I will have to learn it again, right?

Not really. The way the book is designed is to ensure long-term memory. Firstly, because it is easy to understand and what we understand we remember. Secondly, it has enough practice to make sure you REALLY know it. Thirdly, each section uses things you studied in previous sections and therefore you practice them even more.

Of course, you might need to refresh your memory. But you will have the book (or you can re-download for free) to use. And you can use that book even in COLLEGE!




It's the first time I don't have to tell my kids to do their math. They even asked me if they can do it over other things.
Josephina L.
My kids like math and with your books they could just go at the speed they like and loved it because it was all explained in order, not asking them … read more
I'm an engineer and tried to help my son with math but he was still not doing great. Then we started using your books from the beginning as you said … read more

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