1. Easy: Learning from the books is easy.

2. Simple: Explanations are simple. The language is simple. The sentences are short and easy to understand. Each step is explained.

3. Complete: When you finish a book (they are all on specific topics) you will know ALL you need to know about that topic. For each type of exercise in a book you learn ALL the possible variations.

4. Excellence: You will be excellent on each topic you learn with our books. Everyone can and should get an A on math and YOU will!

5. Fun: It is going to be fun because it is going to be easy. So easy you will be jumping up and down with delight and will run to show your parents the exercises you did that look so complicated but are so easy for YOU - exactly as my 11 years old daughter did for the first time in her life about math.

6. Affordable: All books here are downloadable and cost $10, with the exception of the Word Problems book ($20), because learning should not be expensive and because I do not use a middleman (publisher, bookstores), expensive editors, or marketing campaigns. I sell it directly to you because I care about you, not about all that other stuff.

7. Lifetime: You can come back and download books you bought, if you need to, by signing in with your username and password. I only ask that you do not give a copy to others but send them to this website instead.

8. Unlimited copies: You can print as many copies as you need as long as it is for you or immediate family (kids, sisters, or brothers).

9. Help: if you need help with one of the books, I will help you. But you see, you will not need it since the books are so easy to follow J

10. Money Back Guarantee: if you are not completely happy about a book, and you want your money back, I will refund you. No ifs or buts. You ask – I refund. But I know it will not happen. It hasn't happened yet with thousands of parents.


Anna Paula
I've used all the different systems out there, including Singapore. It's the first time they find it easy to do and really understand it. I'll be … read more
Philippa C
Brilliant math books for kids and they work. My son loves them!
Josephina L.
My kids like math and with your books they could just go at the speed they like and loved it because it was all explained in order, not asking them … read more

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