Yes, Math can be all that!

Simple philosophy.  Not easy to do.  As you know.


If you are not happy –I will give you your money back! 

(No book author or seller says that, right?)

So go ahead and buy them – you have nothing to lose:

No risk to you, but no risk for me either…why? 

Because none of the thousands of parents who used it asked for their money yet! 

I will let one of the many satisfied parents attest to that:

You sent me the fractions book and my daughter really likes itbecause it isn't boring. She will actually do math without me forcing her!!! However, she needs to learn more than fractions so I am wondering if you could send me the place value book that I had purchased as well. I am also interested in buying the rest of your books if they are still for sale. 

I would love to have the complete collection. (Jessica)

This is the common reaction. Why?

Because of the way I wrote the books - easysimplefun,and complete.

When Math is easy - it is fun! 

But if you are happy you have to tell others. Deal?





Jeannete Wing
I just got both books and they are delightful! Reading fractions makes me hungry! Your students are lucky.

Jeanette Wing, Head of Microsoft … read more
Anna Paula
I've used all the different systems out there, including Singapore. It's the first time they find it easy to do and really understand it. I'll be … read more
Jinnie D.
I don't like math and homeschooling my kids on math was a big issue for me, but they don't need me to help them. Actually, I'm learning a lot also, … read more

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